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Vintage Camera

This is my model of a vintage "Harmonica" camera. I love designing Lego, and I decided to recreate a vintage camera in my household. I chose this specifically, because I could easily imagine this detailed model sitting on the shelves of every Lego enthusiast. I find vintage things very beautiful and easy to display. I feel like this model could be a fun build as well as an awesome display piece. An idea I had that I wasn't able to incorporate, was that the instead of being brick built, the big black section in between the box and the lens could be a fabric piece that would sit on a Lego Technic mechanism that would allow the camera to fold into the box like the real thing. I hope you see model the same way I do, and if you do, I hope you support and share this Idea. Thanks!

Promo Video:

This model was created by me on Mecabricks studio.

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