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Hammer of Chaos

Once, in a land where man existed along side goblins, and other mystical beasts, there was a powerful kingdom, who ruled of all else. Inside its sacred walls lied the heart of its power, the Hammer of Chaos. But war soon destroyed the kingdom, and the hammer was lost. Until now.
Mirus Uric, prince of a tribe of savage barbarians, has recovered the hammer, and now, he must battle goblins, monsters, and even the savage shadowmen of the north, who will not stop until the Hammer of Chaos is thiers, and the world, in ruins.

Mirus Uric in search of the Grail of Sorrcery, has entered the Mountain of Enternal Flame, an active volcano. As he gets deeper inside the raging volcano, he spies the grail, and heads for it. But suddenly, with a loud roar, Magmar, a large lava turtle bursts out of a pool of magma. It will stop at nothing to protect its grail. With moving head, legs, and spiked tail, will Mirus be able to calm the titanic beast? You decide.
I hope you guys like this set (coolguy40!), it took me a couple of days to build. That is what I want the turtle to look like, but Mirus Uric, seen in the bottom left corner, is only there to repesent that he is in the model. The model I want will still have the hammer, but be completely redesigned.
More sets coming soon, so please support my group!

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