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Spider Verse - Spider-Man & Spider-Gwen Team Up


The set is based on Spider Verse. A Marvel Universe event where spider-men from differente dimensions have to fight together against a common foe, the inheritors, a family that dedicates its life to hunt down every spider-man through the web of life.

Spider-man and Spider-Gwen are fighting together to defeat Karn, one of the inheritors on the inheritors own dimension (Earth-000) to save all other the spider-men fighting along them.

The set consist of 163 pieces, used to biuld the web of Life, controlled by the Weaber Master, and the Inheritors Dinning Room where they fest every time they catch a new spider.

Also includes 4 amazing figures: Spider-man, Spider-Gwen, Karn the Inheritor and the Weaber Master.

If you are a fan and follow spider-man this is a graet set that represents his adventures during the spider verse event.


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