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Mordor - Complete Collection Playset


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Model Description

  • Create the whole journey of Sam, Frodo and Gollum into Mordor! From Minas Morgul and Cirith Ungol to the crack of doom!
  • Fly the Witch King and his wicked steed: a fell beast over the gates of Minas Morgul!
  • Have Aragorn fight one to one vs Sauron and his Annatar disguise from the infamous deleted scene of the Return of the King!

Set locations:

  • Barad-dûr, (Sauron's Tower: The Dark Tower)
  • Minas Morgul with secret stairs
  • Shelob's lair (Torech Ungol)
  • Cirith Ungol
  • The Crack of Doom (Mount Doom entrance and bridge)
  • The Black Gates

The Main build with all these structures as it is now is just 2540 bricks, the fell beast is 121

New custom Minifigures:

  • Sauron (+ interchangeable Annatar disguise head)
  • The Witch King


  • Rotate the great eye (as it connected with a small ball and socket joint brick pieces)
  • Open and close the black gates of Mordor
  • Opening doors of Minas Morgul

Why I built it?

Although Lord of the Rings had a line. Its stories are still being told with new productions on the way soon in film and media. Making it always relevant and worth constructing. Especially now at the perfect opportunity. At the planning stages before this content is unleashed! As Gandalf would say "The Deep Breath Before the Plunge".

Why I believe it will make a great set

There have been many great sets of the Peter Jackson trilogy But besides the black gates. The realms in and around Mordor have not yet been explored very much. Most importantly of all the dark tower of Barad-dûr. Belonging to Sauron the main enemy of the series in both trilogies. This would make a great inclusive set that would pare well on its own and with previous sets that one has.

It would even bring in both the Witch King and Sauron himself in their iconic armor versions for the very first time!

I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to tell your friends, family. Share this LEGO product idea around the internet in general and to other LEGO enthusiasts and communities. The more supports and awareness the set has. The closer it can reach its goal for a chance of it to become an official LEGO set that you can see and buy!

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