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Mexican Cafe


The Problem:

In the course of their 85-year history, The Lego Group has produced many restaurant sets, including some modular buildings, such as Cafe Corner and Parisian Restaurant. However, none of these sets include very much seating. For those of us who have a fairly large city layout with lots of minifigures, this can be a problem if you can only fit about six minifigures at a time in your restaurant.

In addition, there are not many living spaces in most official LEGO sets.

The Solution:

This project would solve the problem of limited seating in LEGO restaurants. This set would seat up to 20 minifigures at a time! In addition, it has a small apartment on the top floor which would give one or two more of your favorite minifigures a place to live. Its design has a mixture of old Mexican and modern design.

The first floor features the kitchen, and half of the seating for the Mexican Cafe. It also includes a small restroom. Their are two tables outside.

The second floor has the second half of the seating and two vending machines in the hallway.

The third floor includes a small apartment which features a bed, a complete kitchen, a table and a balcony. 

Five minifigures are included: two customers, a chef, a waiter, and a man who lives in the apartment. Also, there would be many accesories including food, cooking utensils, and a dog.

This building is compatabile with the current line of modular buildings, giving itself modularity. 


If you like this project or the idea behind it, please feel free to support, follow, comment, and share. Thank you for supporting the Mexican Cafe!

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