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"Winner, Winner" - A LEGO Magician Automaton


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“Winner, Winner” (…chicken dinner) is a LEGO automaton that performs a magic trick.

This LEGO model is based on a centuries-old automaton design where four versions of a tabletop are cleverly switched. In this one we see the cycle of life of a modern chicken.

Hinged panels on the front and on the legs of the magician can open to demonstrate the inner workings.

Please check out the video to see it in action and witness the humorous "jaw-dropping" surprise ending:
You Tube Video:

"Winner Winner" is a mix of Technic and System LEGOs made from 1108 pieces, including 23 gears and 9 interconnected mechanisms, all actuated with a single hand crank. “Winner, Winner” may look complicated (and it is), but it’s constructed in a modular way that is very approachable for an advanced builder.

I worked hard to make the movements natural and as human-like as possible. I paid particular attention to the angles of the arms and compound movement of the wand arm which rotates as it raises up like a real arm would. In addition, his jaw drops with surprise whenever the box is lifted.

LEGO automatons are being constructed by many skilled builders around the world. A google search can easily find dozens of videos with millions of combined views. There are even a few that made it onto LEGO Ideas as submissions.

I believe that building automatons - functional art pieces - taps into a different side of LEGO that is untouched in the current offerings. It would be great to see this be a launching point for a series of automatons - kinetic sculptures - that can highlight the work of the other amazing builders out there.

When properly devised, automatons can create a sense of wonder for both the builder and whoever witnesses the "magic" in action. It’s great to have a LEGO model that can amaze the viewer! Certainly when I show "Winner Winner" face-to-face, people are surprised and amused in a way that goes beyond what regular static models can achieve. I hope I have been able to communicate that experience here.

Thank you for your time, your attention, and your support of this LEGO Idea submission. If this video inspired you in any way, I would be forever humbled. Please reach out to me and let’s connect. The LEGO world is better for each of us that invest ourselves, and especially for those of us that reach out to join together.

Best regards, and thanks!

Taylor a.k.a. "funkyB3"

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