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Roman Castrum 2

AAA: I claim the exclusive realization of the project in my name, without any collaborations with other users or teams !!

Premise: the strange knight's banner represent a draco, a banner used by Roman cavalry units from the second century A.D..

This project is ispired by history (and by the camp of the ancient Romans), without neglecting playability.

We have 4 entrances with the classic streets of the cardo and decumanus, the soldiers' and general's tents (wich open to give access to the beds and the chest), an altar, a barbecue, a table for eating, the towers which can be accessed by a ladder.

Inside the towers we find the warehouses or, if necessary, the prison.

Legionaries, centurions, praetorians, archers and auxiliary foot soldiers and of course the general complete the set.

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