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Dave's Cafe

Welcome to Dave's Cafe. Park your car next to the pipes on the right side of the building. Grab a newspaper on your way into the cafe in the newspaper stand. Open the door and smell the smell of fresh baked food as soon as you walk in. Tell Dave your order and let him get cook'in. Turn on the stove, chop up the fish, stuff the turkey, in order for the person to get ready. But make sure you pay attention in case the stove catches on fire. Give the costumer their meal and tell them to get a cookie in the cookie bowl. Then once the costumer leaves clean up your mess and wipe off your hands with the paper towels.

Set includes; Dave, costumer, turkey, two turkey legs, two fish, a bowl, fire extinguisher, lamp, cookies, cookie bowl, newspaper stand, clipboard, help wanted sign, paper towel role, car, and cash register.

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