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The Lighthouse Ghost


Welcome to the Mediterranean, palm trees, yummy food, warm waters, ghosts. Ghosts?

Yes, ghosts, there is talk of a ghost, but not an evil ghost but of a being who takes care of the seas and scares everyone who misbehaves with the sea. If you litter the sea the ghost will appear and give you a good scare. For years this cove has been protected just like the ghost's identity.

Jake is a somewhat mischievous boy, on his vacation he visited the lighthouse, one day he caught a crab in the cove and the ghost appeared. Anna is another girl who visited the lighthouse and saw how the ghost scared Jake. Jake and Anna became friends and on those vacations they looked for the ghost of the lighthouse, it was never known if they managed to know who it was, what was known was that there was a secret cave under the lighthouse.

The Model:

The lighthouse is located on top of the cove with cliff, also a long balcony  tables and chairs (with open access to add other constructions)

The model has 3 heights:

1- The cave: The ghost  resting place and a pier. To go out to sea, the cave has a secret door through the bridge.

2-The balcony: At this height we can enjoy a large exterior with tables for lunch and dinner, stroll, look through the prisms of the balcony, get on the canyon to take a picture, go down to the beach ...

Here we also have the entrance to the restaurant of Mediterranean food, rich salads and the best stews.

3-Room of the Lighthouse keeper: A room with bathroom bedroom and balcony, here lies the girl who takes care of the lighthouse, her ancestors already looked after the lighthouse before.

The Minifigures:

Jake: Naughty Boy

Anna: Bold Girl

Karra: His beards are recognizable miles away. He owns the restaurant

Alex: He is the cook

Christine: Is Jake's mother and likes blue jackets

Michael: Anna's father likes to be sitting

Lunna: She's the Lighthouse keeper, you'll always see her fixing something in the lighthouse

Intrepid Joe Hummingbird: He is the best ornithologist who has stepped on the lighthouse, he loves birds and adventurous hats

The Ghost: We will have to discover it.

 The set contains 2862 pieces of the original palette except for some minifigures.

I hope you like it a lot, you can enjoy more than 20 active projects in my account.

Thanks to everyone for your support. Enjoy!

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