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Maersk Truck with forklift

Everybody knows the Maersk-train.
But how will the containers be moved over the road?
Here's the answer.

A Maersk-truck.
The truck can move 2 big containers and one small one.
If you want you can off-course stack more :)
In this set are only one big and one small container added.

Another nice detail is the added transportable forklift
It can drive up onto the trailer.
I think it is a very good add. Now the containers can be placed everywhere at any time.


The bridge for the Forklift is up. As you can see it barely extends the width and height.

An over-all view from the other side.

The forklift stands on a turntable.
So it can drive up straight and then be turned at a 45 degree angle.

The forklift is strong enough too lift all containers.
Here a picture of it separated from the truck

As you can see the containers fit perfectly

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