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Cheese & Flower Market


Cheese & flower Market

The idea of this set is to make the typical Dutch flower and cheese markets live. I hope, that by this set all of you will enjoy the unique atmosphere of these markets, where people are comming by bike, foot or boat and taste, buy, enjoy and smile. 

There are three buildings for you with free market places in front of them. These two riversides are connected with typical white Dutch drawbridge, which is really working. I really like this feature. Inside the buildings you will find many other details like a cheese storage, cabinet or familly dinner. 

This Lego set consist of about 1900 bricks and was designed in Lego Digital Designer. 

- Dutch buildings and wooden drawbridge
- bike, boat, barrow, flowers, cheese
- people and animals (dog, mouse, seagul)

I really have to say that I enjoyed the creation phase of this set and I would be very happy if you could enjoy it one day in your homes too. 

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Thank you very much

    ...  play and dream by Ocaskovi

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