Product Idea |

Modular Office Block


Welcome to the business center of the city, a building with essence of old times that resists until today turned into

an office building.


On the ground floor, the security guard helps disoriented visitors, while greeting the office workers when they

leave and enter through the lathes. The glass elevator is a good option to lift.


On the first floor you hear the office workers typing on the computer keyboard, some make photocopies and

recycle the paper or plastic of their coffee cups. It is normal to see a postman delivering a letter or package,

this floor is pure activity.


On the second floor there is an attic where many decisions of the office are developed, such as the color

of the pencils or if on Tuesday there is barbecue in the attic. Here there is also a room of elevator machinery.

This and much more is what you can create and imagine here.

This idea together includes:

  • Office building
  • 7 minifigures:
  • Officer worker1 (man)
  • Officer worker 2 (Woman)
  • Secretary
  • Floor manager (man)
  • CEO (Woman)
  • Security guard
  • Postman

Thanks so much for your time and support! ;)