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My Flower Boutique


The flower boutique with black & white colour theme and blue curved tinted glass shopfront aim to attract young customers.

A large green "F" sign at the side wall of the entrance is the logo of this flower boutique. On high level of the front door entrance, a planter with flowers was incorporated to give a touch that this is a flower shop let alone the cool shopfront design.

There was a skylight on top of the shop to bring in more sunlight while with the tinted glass, the lighting level is controlled so as to keep the flowers in good conditions. Some species of flowers need to be kept at a cooler temperature and that's why at the inner corner of the shop, it was equipped with a flower fridge.

Pots of flowers were displayed in different level with flower stand at the inner portion of the boutique. At the back of the cashier counter, high level shelves was installed as another display area for flower arrangement.

Next to the cashier counter, the boutique owner is making flower arrangement for sale while the customer is selecting flowers. 

At the back lane, a low level fence was installed and a refuse bin was provided.

The light & dark grey paver design was a coherent design with respect to my other MOC ice-cream parlour. The cool lamp pole design at the public pavement also match the cool design of my young line flower boutique.

Hope you enjoy my flower boutique.


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