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Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is on a Roll !

Ryder and his Lego team of pups are here to save the day! Now you can assemble a rescue mission of your own with:
  • 6 Pups and their vehicles!
  • Marshall - and his Firetruck - with ladder
  • Chase - and his Police Truck - with cones
  • Rubble - and his Construction Truck - with front shovel and rear drill
  • Rocky - and his Recyling Forklift Truck - rear compartment holds extra tools
  • Zuma - and his Hovercraft - has hidden wheels
  • Skye - and her Helicopter - this pup's gotta fly!
  • Ryder - minifig and his ATV
  • The Paw Patrol Lookout Tower - with spiral slide, lookout deck, and command center.
This wildly popular show and now major motion picture is a delight to children all over and in multiple countries and languages.
They're all good pups, so if you know of a child who would love this, or you want to build your own Paw Patrol rescue missions in Lego form, Support today and help bring the Paw Patrol to Lego! 

Ideas and Notes for the Set:
  • The vehicles portrayed here are made with some small parts so it may be suitable for ages 5 and up. My original plan was to use Lego Juniors 4+ design concepts using large vehicle bases and simple builds. This idea could be adapted to be a juniors set if Lego Ideas' team should desire.
  • Each car was built with real bricks and then built again with digital bricks to get the exact right colors. A prototype of the tower was also built with real bricks, and digital bricks were used to get the correct colors.
  • The Dogs and Ryder's torso were hand painted to create the look of the famous pups and their human friend. Factory printing would take these pups to the next level.

Ryder needs you, help bring the Paw Patrol to Lego with your support today!

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