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Bionicle: The Return - Glatorian Raikace


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 It has been years since the Bionicle Chronicles ended. With Teridax's fall came a time of progression, as Agori, Mator  an, Glatorian and Toa worked together to bring Spherus Magna back to beauty.

But a new threat has arisen, and an old enemy has returned. Confusion and fear tears through the people, as the enemy grows stronger. But over the ages, new heroes and allies have risen to fight for the people.

One of the heroes, called New Guardians by the Agori and Matoran, has risen up to the challenge. He is Raikace. A Glatorian from before the Battle of Two Giants. Though a Glatorian, he did not participate in the arena. Rather, he left the Ice Tribe to go find another, better place for his people to live. Learning the Vorox method to make Thornax soup, and becoming skilled with his dual blade sword, he lived in the dessert for twenty years, till he saw two titanic figures standing as tall as the sky, battling miles away. In the dessert centered by the villages.

Once he came back, he swore to protect his people, and became a member of the New Guardians, to learn and teach. Now, he is one of the top tutors in survival.


During the time of LEGO Cuusoo, for each Bionicle: The Return set I released, I released a chapter of the story. This was so you could get to know the characters in their home and environment. However, with LEGO Ideas restriction to 8000 characters, my chapters are too big. So, for now, I'm posting them on my Facebook page, Xendor, whish is linked here: 

The next chapter will come soon after this set is released to you, and will bear an image of Raikace. The last chapter, which is the first posted on Facebook, shows a picture of the toa known as Shycle. She is a Toa of Ice, and the last set I released to you. You can also go to see my first BTR set, the Unknown ( to read the first chapter. At the end of each chapter will be a link to the next, until Chapter 12, which was the last chapter released on Cuusoo.

I plan on later making a blog, where I can release the chapters more easily, and where it will be easier for you to read. Please, if you know of a good place to make one, let me know.

And please, support.


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