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The Speed Slicer X10

     The Speed Slicer X10 is a medium sized jet plane that is the fastest jet in the world!! The minifigure I made for the Speed Slicer X10 is what I call the White Eye’s. The build has a giant spoiler in the back along with cool Technic wings. 
     I decided to build the Speed Slicer X10 because I was inspired by the big Technic wings and the transparent black 4 X 8 ratchet wind screen. I had tons of fun building this project. 
     I think this should be a LEGO set because it is very fun to build and play with. It is very sturdy and swooshable. Kids will have tons of fun playing with this set. Also it is a great display piece. It looks great on my display shelf
    If you want to see my review of the Speed Slicer X10 you can click this link and go over and watch the review. 


I hope you like the Speed Slicer X10!!

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