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Starwinder-Alpha 1000

Hello Everyone! Findel14 speaking.

The Starwinder-Alpha 1000! Here is a sweet, sleek space ship built to perfect speed and agility with plenty of firepower, comfort and modern technology from SUPERSLICK. We’ve created this space ship to meet the needs of all pilots, builders, astronauts and AFOLs around the galaxy. Before supporting the Starwinder-Alpha 1000 have a look at what we at Superslick have crammed into it:

>Space Lasers
>Cosmos4 Torpedoes
>Improved Superslick Radar
>Dual thruster rockets

Have a look at the details:

While designing the Starwinder I thought that light green, white and grey worked really well together but I am sure you will agree that these other colours are awesome too. Tell me on the comment page which you like best.

Neon Green
Vulcan Red
Jet Black
Saturn Orange

The build is about 106 pieces, 21.5cm long and 12cm wide. I originally built this spaceship using real Lego bricks but then I reconstructed it on LDD (I really recommend doing this). Here are the original photos with a cool astro-pilot.

You can’t see it on the pictures but there is a rear facing swivelling cannon on the back under the engine. And when I built the digital version I could not build in the steering wheel in the cockpit but the final version (If it gets 10,000) will probably have one. This final photo shows my Astro-pilot with his Starwinder-Alpha 1000. He’s got one but all his space friends haven’t so please support!

This space ship is awesome but there are loads of others around CUUSOO. Here is my favourite, the Ottoaster. Take a little look.

Hopefully more Space ships will be out soon from SUPERSLICK. In the meantime thanks for looking! Please support.


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