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JWST James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a fantastic example of what humans are capable of when we work together. A global effort of science, engineering, and imagination, this is one of humanity's most important creations to date.

Right now, as you read this passage, JWST is discovering new things in space!
And space is where we live, so that's kind of important!

Hi, I'm Grumblebricks. I'm an astrophysics nerd, Lego artist, bestselling Sci-Fi author, and Lego-based comedy writer. When I was on Channel 4's Lego Masters in 2017, I took my own space mocs to show the TV crew and judges. It has been my mission for a long time to bring science to the world through the medium of art, fiction, and Lego.

Building the James Webb Space Telescope was a unique challenge, not just because of the complex lattice of studs-not-on-top (SNOT) techniques involved in perfectly spacing the 24 hexagonal golden mirrors, but because I had to expand my own knowledge of space science just to make this thing accurate.

The angles, the proportions, and the overall shaping of this model took a few weeks to develop, and was helped by heavy research into what the JWST actually does.

It's an amazing machine. A huge acheivement for humans.
And owning this Lego set will inspire you to find out more about the universe, too!

It's such a cool thing. A big, impressive model with unique hexagonal panel techniques, which I first developed in my Giant's Causeway set, which sadly didn't get the votes it needed.

I'm glad to be back on LegoIdeas and to bring new experiences to you all.

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