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Utility Van for minifigures


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This utility van consists in different versions of the same chassis.

A little vehicle, scaled for minifigs, that can fill what you want. It has a "retrò desing", 6 studs large (on wheelbase) and max. 18 studs long (from bumper to bumper), can fit on regular Lego streets.

Openable doors and rear, can easily fit 2 minifigs and even has free space on the dashboard, for example, for a cup of coffee or a phone!

Here for you, there're some examples to improve this van:

  • For holidays and free time, can carry surfboard and other funny lego stuff ;
  • Closed chassis with openable skyroof can be used for carry different higher pieces, such as manual tools and other things (see in pictures) ;
  • Commercial use for business and work (i.e. dogcatcher);

There’s also the "Police edition".

This set will be like a “creator” set, so you can build up to 3 vans with different styles, purposes and colors, with 3 minifigures.

Thanks for watching it, and if you like, please support it !!!

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