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Finding Gold Fish

A young boy has always dreamed of creating his own LEGO set. One evening, his dad told him a story about a wish-granting goldfish. The next day, the boy set off on a journey in search of an enchanted fish. He didn't want to hurt her, just ask her to make his greatest dream come true. He took his dad's fishing rod and the boat from home and set off on an adventure. Of course, it was Saturday, so he didn't have to go to school :) He managed to reach the source of the mysterious river. There was a bamboo forest and a few rocks around. The purest water flowed from one of the rocks. The water was really the purest one, because you could see the very bottom of the river.
A shoal of all shades of orange swam by the stream. There was also a goldfish among the shoal. Will the boy make his dream come true? It is possible that it will, even without the help of a goldfish, but with the help of you and your vote. <3

My idea contain 473 bricks with a lot of transparent light blue one. Two last photos show how the water is built and attached.

The build contains 11 animals:
  • one goldfish,
  • 8 orange fish,
  • 2 frogs.

On the right front corner, there might be a sign "wish comes true". :)
Thank you for support my idea! <3

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