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Titans Tower


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Titans Tower has been the Titans' iconic headquarters since it was built by Silas Stone, Cyborg's father, and it also is one of the most recognizable edifications in the DC universe, so here it is.

I mostly thought on getting the Tower T shape made, and then added the interior details.

This version has a garage for Nightwing's motorcycle, a lab, Lian Harper's room, and a top floor with a computer/meeting room.

Includes minifigures of the Titans Nightwing, the Flash, Speedy (with Lian), Cyborg, Starfire and Pantha, and ally/enemy Terminator. Wally's presence among the included minifigures will likely help sell the set by having a "big name" attached.

The Tower can also be seen from the other side to look more like in the comicbooks.

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