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J7 Main Battle Mech

Updated pictures! Special thanks to GlenBricker who made these nice renders!
J7 Main Battle Mech
Armament: Dual 150 mm Kinetic Railgun, two 60 mm rocket pods, 8 smoke screen launchers (two in each leg)
Part count: 1507

Fully articulated legs. Each leg has 3 general joints and one small turntable. To grant sturdiness there are 5 Shock absorber parts in each leg.

Turret rotates 360 degrees, gun elevation -5 degrees, +8 degrees

Rear view

Biggest concerns about my build is weight. In LDD I can't test the strength of legs. If this model has a slightest chance to get 10 000 votes (totally not a chance) then this set could come out with some kind of transparent support structure under the main body so it could be properly displayed on a shelf or anywhere else.

This is the biggest project I have accomplished and I consider it as a collectors item because its pretty huge and its price would be pretty high as well.

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