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Simple Fall Life


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This is a fall interactive scene, featuring vibrant fall foliage, a cozy rustic cabin with a LED light brick for the fireplace, a pond with a fishing dock and flowing waterfall, as well as many other fun fall details! There is an apple cider stand for everyone to enjoy during the fall season as well as seating for everyone to congregate! There is also a pick-up truck with pumpkins for everyone to choose from as well as a few minifigures to utilize and play with in the scene.

I built this scene because the fall season is a beautiful time of year. It is full of vibrant colors paired with perfect weather conditions and temperatures. I think everyone could use more fall scenes to play with along with the winter scenes that follow!

I think this could be a great LEGO set because it is interactive and is ageless, meaning there isn't a targeted age for this scene. Anyone of all ages could enjoy this set and even enjoy it as fall decor in their homes prior to Halloween and the winter season. Hope everyone likes it!

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