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Arkham Origins Batwing


About This Project:

This project idea is inspired by the game Batman:Arkham Origins and in particular the Batwing design from the game. One of the main features of that design is that Batman can enter and exit quickly from the cockpit through the bottom of the Batwing. I did include that feature in my build as best that I could. I even tried to include the folding down controls for Batman to grab onto and then fold up and control the plane. The wing tips fold up as well. I included a stand for the Batwing to display on. It connects to the Batwing on the bottom of the plane where the thrust comes out. There is a panel that folds open for this to happen. The stand itself is made to look like blue thrust coming out of the Batwing while it hovers close to the ground. 

Play Features:

  • Holds one minfigure in the cockpit.
  • Folding wingtips.
  • Cockpit bottom opens and folds down just like in the game.
  • Panel on the bottom of the plane opens/closes for the stand to connect to put on display.


  • One minifigure, Batman.
  • Stand to display the Batwing.

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Happy Building.


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