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The Legendary Molentary Express


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This is a collaboration between two other people.

Yellow.LXF7586 has designed the train wheels for the carriages. They have given me full permission to use their design.

TheBrickCloud has provided me with the rendered images for the project, as I have been unable to render them with my own personal resources. TheBrickCloud has given me their permission to use these images, and they claim full ownership of these images.

Many thanks go out to them for assisting me in this project.

"Now this is what I call deluxe! Just look at this room!"
"Yes, I can certainly see why some call the Molentary Express a cruise ship on rails."

'In this mind bending mystery, puzzles hide in every corner. As rumours of a cursed artefact circulate, the professor's mentor is found ill in mysterious circumstances. The only apparent clue is a ticket for the Molentary Express.'

I was introduced to the Professor Layton series when I was a child; someone had kindly let me borrow their game. Each game has always captivated me, from the picturesque locations, to the flawless animation, and their incredible stories.

I've always been interested in trains too, so when I saw the Molentary Express for the first time, I was very excited. This project started a few years ago mid 2021. I decided to change the scale to 10 studs wide instead of standard 6 wide, because I wanted room for the sitting spaces as well as the hallways on each carriage. This also gave me more room for detailing on the engine itself, which was arguably the hardest part of the train to design.

Professor Layton is an unusual choice for an IP set to say the least, as it's not a series that is as well known as other popular franchises. It does have a thriving fanbase though, with over 17 million units being sold. It even has it's own hugely popular film adaptation. In fact, we've just recently been made aware that Layton is making a comeback in a brand new game. Even if you've never played Pandora's Box before, I'm sure that train enthusiasts would love to have the Molentary Express on display; it would also be a perfect addition to any Lego City layout.

This has been my first attempt at making a big, detailed train and overall, I'm very happy with how this project turned out. I had a lot of fun designing the carriages!

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