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Men in Black (MIB) Crown Victoria car


Hello to all those Men in Black fans.

This is my version of the first car that appears in the movies, the 1987 Ford Crown Victoria, which you can turn into another by pushing the little red button.

This set includes:

J and K minifigures

Alien weapons and neuralizer

Normal version of the car

Red button version

From the normal version there isnt to much to mention, just that you can put 3 minufigures perfectly inside, the doors open and you can remove the roof.

The cooler version, you can get the front part of the car larger and the 2 torpedoes in the back, just be carefull because it can go very fast.

You can see the video to know how you can change it.

I have been working on this proyect so hard, i really hope that it reaches the 10,000 supporters.

Comment any advices, share it, support it and thank you for this little time.

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