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Underwater Seaweed Farm Play Set


Not all farmers drive a tractor!

In the warm tropical ocean, in the rainbow-colored coral reef, sits a seaweed farm. Here the Aquanauts care for their seaweed crop and watch them grow. When the plants mature, they are harvested with robot arms and analyzed in the underwater lab. The Aquanauts share their farm with many other reef inhabitants, including tropical fish, sharks, an octopus, clams and sea snakes. A small submarine can be launched from the lab to explore the surrounding ocean floor and repair damage to the farm.

You control the action! Use the robot arms to pick up the fully-grown seaweed, swivel the base around and deposit it in the collection bucket for analysis! Play features include gas tanks, analysis robot, grabber arms, laboratory on a swivel base, computer screens, utility rover sub with interior, octopus, sharks and hidden coral snake guarding sunken treasure!

Builder's notes: I designed this play set to be equally playable and lovely as a display item. I have been inspired by the classic space and castle play sets from the 1980s with their simple yet elegant design and large base plates. (Large base plates are essential for providing the builder with a generous foundation on which to add onto their new play set or to create their own.)

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy your visit to the Seaweed Farm!


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