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Takashi Murakami - Kaikai & Kiki Brickheadz


About the model:

This is my very first Product idea set that I have submitted to LEGO Ideas, I have created a Brickheadz version of the characters Kaikai (white) and Kiki (pink) designed by Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. I built both characters based on the LEGO Brickheadz concept which is quite popular now. On the grassland, I have added the signature flowers with the perfect colour matching done by Murakami. I created a background based on his artwork of a “flower field” (2018) to blend in fully with the design. I also designed a figure of the artist Takashi Murakami himself.

 My Purpose:

My main aim to let a broader audience to know and recognise Takashi Murakami this master artist. I am currently 14 and I am passionate about artworks, especially temporary art. Murakami is one of my favourite Japanese artist. His art movement Superflat embraces combining pop and manga aesthetic into artwork. That is why his creations appears to be in an anime style like Kaikai and Kiki. Murakami has worked with some famous musicians, cartoons and even brands. One recent example is that he created Billie Eilish’s full music video using his anime style. Takashi Murakami has hugely influenced me in my life with all his work and I truly hope more people could get to know him. Also, I have never seen LEGO releasing sets on contemporary artists so I thought it would be interesting to create one. Vote for my Ideas project if you like it and share it to others too, I just hope to reach 100 as it is my first time on LEGO ideas.
This set includes:

Kaikai Brickheadz x 1
Kiki Brickheadz x 1
Takashi Murakami Minifigure x 1
Takashi Murakami flowers x 4
Bottom plate with grass
Background art
Kaikai & Kiki tag
Other Info:
Number of pieces: 259 (including the background art)
Size: approx. 20cm x 7cm (only the set, not including Minifigure and tag)
If you appreciate and like the project, give your support and share it. I would call it a success if I have 100 votes as it is my first time on LEGO ideas. After this, I would make more LEGO models based on other artists.

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