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The Black Pearl 3142 - A Space Pirate Ship


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In space…no one can hear you scream…unless you are being chased by space pirates, then scream away!

I submit to you The Black Pearl 3142, a Space Pirates dream. Fast, sleek, spikey….it’s got everything a rogue space explorer without a moral compass needs to terrorize the solar system and get their space lootin' in.

This MOC features:

  • 566 Bricks (including mounting stand)
  • A sneaky pearl black and silver colour scheme for blending into the darkness between planets
  • A huge lightspeed drive (heavily greebled) to create the thrust needed to catch whomever is unlucky enough to cross its path.
  • Multiple aerofoils and control fins for superior handling both in atmosphere and in just can't shake this thing!

Argh Space Mateys, please support this project, or we be comin' to your planet next....

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