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Planetary Exploration


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In the not too distant future space explorers are actively traveling throughout the universe in the hopes of exploring and studying alien planets. On a recently discovered desert world, a research scientist is scouting the arid wasteland for unusual mineral caches on her mobile hover-laboratory. Following her scanning equipment, she has come across an odd looking rock formation with a possibly promising cache inside. However, a native inhabitant of the planet has set up a nomadic outpost nearby, and the scientist is unsure how he is going to respond to her and her research vehicle…
The idea behind the Planetary Exploration set is twofold. First off, I meant it to be a very conscious step away from the familiar theme of battling evil alien races. Instead, I tried to envision a more idealistic scenario focused around the study of unknown worlds and meaningful interaction with alien lifeforms. Secondly, I wanted to emphasize the need for more diversity in female roles by placing a no-nonsense female scientist in the lead and give girls who dream about exploring outer space someone to look up to.
The set consists of three main elements: a planetary survey vehicle, an unusual rock formation to conduct said surveys on and an outpost belonging to a native inhabitant of the planet. See the added photographs and the descriptions below for details!
  • Hover-lab: The mobile laboratory is capable of navigating most difficult terrain types due to two diagonally aligned hover-pads that keep the vehicle suspended above the ground. It includes a piloting section and a fully integrated research lab with analyzing equipment, storage tanks, digging tools and a communication device. All in all, everything a scientist needs to conduct tests on alien soil, rocks and minerals!
  • Rock Formation: Rising up from the barren landscape is a tall rock formation that can be opened to reveal a hidden mineral cache, which can be collected and analyzed using the hover-lab. The stone column is close to the camp of the nomadic alien, who uses it to store animal handling tools and as the ideal place for a signal beacon to indicate the presence of his outpost.
  • Trading Outpost: Set up in a dug-out crater close to the rock formation, the tent encampment is designed for mobility and trade. It features a crescent-shaped wind screen for protection against the harsh climate, as well as various displays with a rich assortment of alien-looking merchandise. The native alien appears to be a trader of sorts, and he employs a domesticated animal for protection and transport.

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