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LEGO Hotdog Stand Modular


Hi all,

LEGO officially already has a hot-dog stand in its collection. But I personally think it's not that attractive, so I decided to make an attempted myself. I hope you guys like it and support me.

Built information

So here it is, my modular hotdog-stand. The challenge was to make a firm structure on two 3x3 base plates and also not to make it look boring on the sides. On the front of the car I have put two 1x2 tiles so it is possible to place some stickers, possibly price lists or something. On the back of the car there is a door, which can be used as a fridge of storage space for the hot dogs. On top I have put two sauce bottles, two jars (or cans of soda, it is what you make of it) and a knife for cutting the bread. And finally the big yellow parasol. I really like the way it makes the stand complete.

Model information

Theme:             Modular                                                                                                                               Dimentions:       80mm (W) X 75mm (H) X 60mm (D)                                                                                   Pieces:              57 pcs

Extra pictures

LEGO Ideas - Submit a ProjectHere i made the two stickers.

LEGO Ideas - Submit a ProjectAnd the fridge like door foor storage of the hotdogs


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