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Yellow locomotive and coal train - possibly Union Pacific branded


Similar to my orange BNSF-like coal train, I built this representation of a coal train based on my son's 60052 cargo train.  I used LDD and modified the color and front of the 60052 locomotive (and a few small mods on the back) and then created coal cars using the same chassis as the locomotive. All parts are standard parts, almost all are currently available in the colors needed.  I chose yellow because most of the blocks are available in that color and I wanted to see if I could build it for real.  This could easily be done in other colors.  I like the look of the locomotive, it is more of a modern American style.  I also created the coal cars so it is one big open bay.  All of this started out because my son really wanted a coal car for his Lego train, so I wanted to see if I could make one.  Possibly the set could come with some sort of coal loading station.  The locomotive fits the same PF unit as the 60052 (did not modify that part).

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