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Country House


I would like present you my grandparents country house in El Puig, Gelida, Barcelona. This is typical country house in the area of Penedes, land of wine and cava in Catalunya. The house its builded by LDD ( Lego Digital Designer ) with full detail, exactly like it was.

This type of houses have a great entrance with a living room. In this case it was a sofa where i usually i took a little nap.

In the entrance was hatch on the ground that gave way to the wine celler. In the wine celler, it was a pantry and whe had a pin pon table where we did great matches.

On the main floor, it was the dinner room with the only one old television in the house and my grandparents armchairs.

The it was a corridor that gave way to the stairs, then the Kitchen with the old fire place, and courtyard with the water tank, a little house with a WC in one side and the washing machine room and finatly my granfather workshop, full of tools and many things.

In main floor, you can see on the roof the typical tree trunk beams of this type of houses.

Ithe first floor, it was three bedrooms and the bathroom, connected by the main cooridor that finishes for one side with my grandparents bedroom and for the oder side a little zone with a window looking to the courtyard, behind the bathroom dor.

My room was the little one with th blue closet.

If you have LDD ( Lego Digital Designer ), you will can to research a long the house and see all the details. Furnitures, lights,switches, sockets, the electricity meter, everything is as it was.

I build this house because i have a lovely memories in there, from my grandparents and my youth, an always think about, so buildining have been like make a journey to the past and relive all those memories and sensations. So i think this would be a great set.

I would like all the people looking this build, enjoy a lot, like my when i building it, and give us a funny moment and perhaps somebody take some ideas from this build, like a have take from others lego builders.

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