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The Steampunk Fire Truck

Why do I propose this model?

Since I was a child, I love building LEGO models. A few years ago, I discovered LEGO Ideas and thought it was a great idea. So I imagined a model on a style that I like a lot and that I think is not present enough in LEGO: Steampunk!

About the model:

This model represents a Steampunk fire truck straight out of my imagination. Here are the notable points:
- A hood that opens to reveal the engine (the said open hood is not present on the pictures)
- A two speed gearbox
- A super rotating ladder on the water tank
- An unprecedented style ;-)

The model counts approximately 1500 pieces.

The last words :

If you like my model, don't hesitate to support the project, every vote counts! Share it around you if you REALLY like it!

And finally, here is the prototype I designed:

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