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Ivan's Lab


Welcome to Ivan's Laboratory! Ivan Dittleberry is a 14 year old aspiring mad scientist with plans of world domination. The only thing standing in his way is intrepid local school reporter Amelia Rindman. With her best friend, the tech savvy Micah Lo they'll stop at nothing to prevent Ivan's latest scheme.

Special features of this set:

  1. Gabby, Ivan's robotic assistant.
  2. A radioactive squid monster
  3. Cool special items, such as 5 beakers, a take-out cup, a gold key, and a smartphone
  4. A secret trapdoor that leads to the dungeon.

This set will be fun for kids of all ages because it introduces new, quirky characters. Children will enjoy coming up with Ivan's grand ideas for world conquest and then creatively foiling them with Amelia and Micah. And a lack of surrounding walls encourages easy game play. It has a total of 832 pieces. Thanks for checking out my idea, and I would appreciate any ideas or criticism you have.

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