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Space Second Earth Technic Base

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Human kind found a second earth near our neighbour star proxima centaur. It is a life-friendly planet.
The government sent out a team on a space mission to colonize the second earth.

The team built a space station with the newest technology.
They collect special red crystals, existing only on the second earth in order to build a new power source. This seems promising in solving all energy problems on our earth too.

They thought a long time, that they are alone on this planet, but ...

at second earth bad forces arise. And in order to keep up against those evil forces, the space station has been equipped with the newest technical features.

  • Width: 67,1 cm
  • Length: 40,6 cm
  • Height: 30,9 cm
  • 2997 pieces

  • Collect the crystals with the buggy and bring them to the conveyor for further processing.
  • Defend the base against those evil forces with the rotatable dome, shoot the cannonball and cause them to flee.
  • The heart is located in the second part of the base: The fiber glass optics is the new energy source of the base.
  • Open the main space door for other vehicles and use the workshop for repairing and upgrading.
  • Open the roof and start the rocket into the orbit.
  • Take one of the spaceships in order to discover new areas or undertake an exploration mission.
  • Control all technical features with one lever.

There are lots of further adventures at the space station. Build the base and find out for yourself!

Please note: In order to show the motorized functions, I built the base with the color combination yellow/black/trans-red, because that's the brick colors I had at home.
But actually I think the station with the color combinations dark-blue/black/trans-bright-green does look better. So I created two instructions.

The project has been influenced by the LEGO Technic rocket (8480) and the Blacktron base (6987).

LEGO bricks and the brand are owned by LEGO. I hereby expressly distance myself from it.
I only put together the space station with the help of the LEGO bricks and created instructions for it.

I think, this could be a great LEGO set, because It combines classic space with technic.

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