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Carnival Mask


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Carnival masks are a fun way to express your own unique personality and remove social differences. With all the kind of forms and colors of masks you can find, the carnival is as a colorful event as it can be. One symbol that made the carnival of Venice world famous is the unique masks people wear during the carnival.

Building such a model could bring up a lot of good memories or inspire people to create new ones where possible.

It is a great colorful decoration idea, that could find a place in many homes.

Carnival is a special event that both children and adults enjoy the same way. Having fun.

The model is built with 1809 bricks. The size with the stand together is 62x60x23 studs. Without the stand it is 1707 bricks and sized as 62x49x23 studs. The depth of 23 studs may seem a lot, it is due to the feathers. The face part of the mask is 10 studs deep. The mask and the stand built together, without an option to detach them.
While it's weight wouldn't support it for a long time, it is sized and built as a usable mask mimicking a real carnival mask.

Only bricks with existing color used, however it is a digital only submission.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did designing it.

Thank you!

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