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Battle of Osgiliath


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Help the brave soldiers of Gondor defend the crumbling city of Osgiliath, the old capitol of their realm. Will they hold the city, or will they be overrun by Sauron's evil orcs led by a Ringwraith? Only you can decide.

I present to you my next project, the city of Osgiliath. This is another set I feel is essential to the LEGO Lord of the Rings theme, which I felt lacked many interesting things from Middle-Earth. So many important things happen here that it would be disappointing never to see an official LEGO set of Osgiliath.

The set would obviously contain a portion of Osgiliath, preferably the part where the orcs attack from their boats. I would also like to have a number of Mordor orcs along with their boats (probably two of them as I have done) and a Ringwraith mounted on a fell beast. However, the Ringwraith and the fell beast are not essential. And finally, a number of soldiers of Gondor and possibly Faramir would be included. I'm sorry about the poor quality of the minifigures. The LDD decorations severely limit my options. If an official set was to be made of this, they would have the standard printing LEGO used for them.

My fell beast is fully articulable, with moving wings, legs, tail, and neck. Its claws can also pick up a minifigure, horse, or any other thing unfortunate enough to be carried away by it. Osgiliath sports a rotating and tilting crossbow to help repel the invading orcs and Ringwraith.

If you like this project and wish to see it as an official LEGO set, please don't hesitate to support it! Also, taking the time to share a project really helps increase interest and support! Any site like facebook, twitter, or LEGO or Lord of the Rings fan forums would be awesome. Feel free to follow this and comment with critiques so I can make it better!

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Happy building everyone!

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