Product Idea |



The Design

The Arcade rests on a 32x32 baseplate. It is built with 875 LEGO parts and includes 11 minifigures. 10 of those minifigs are visitors and one of them is an employee.

The Games

There are 8 games inside this arcade. The seventh image shows a game where a minifigure has to throw a basketball into the hoop and a platformer game. The eighth image shows one of those games where there is a pretend gun and you have to shoot things in the game. The ninth image shows a race car game complete with a steering wheel and dashboard. The tenth image shows an airplane game and a dancing game. The eleventh picture shows a claw machine and a swimming game. With all of these arcade games, it's very unlikely for minifigures to get bored in this joint.


The entire outside of the Arcade has windows to let in plenty of light. The roof is mostly empty except for a machine for the heating and air conditioning


This Arcade is packed with different features. Plenty of games to keep people entertained, prizes to reward players, and a flashy looking exterior. This would make a good set because there was never a full-sized arcade in LEGO form. 

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