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Starbase Creator


Build your own starbase!

This modular 3-in-1 set comes with everything you need to design and build your own set of microscale starbases. Mix-and-match buildings, vehicles and hubs to create the layout you want on the three included terrain bases. Whether it's an ore-mining Moonbase, a Martian terraforming complex or mankind's first extrasolar colony on Gliese 832, you get to decide!

Set comes with 35 interchangable items, including six large structure modules, six small structure modules, four spacecraft, four rovers, communication antennas, back-up power sources, and an assortment of interconnecting hubs. All of these pieces can be changed around as desired on any of the three 16x16 terrain baseplates to create the layout you want, with hundreds of possibilities. Or design and build your own! Perfect as desk models or for imaginative play, these starbases are yours to command!

792 pieces, includes all three terrain bases as shown and 35 interchangeable items.

Included modules:

- Small Habitat

- Large Habitat

- Biodome

- Radar Station

- Storage Tanks

- Rotating Solar Array

- Power Station

- Water Storage

- Adjustable Core Drill

- Terraformer

- Rover Pad

- Launch/Landing Pad

- Large Rocket

- Small Rocket

- Lander

- Spaceship

- 2 Back-up Power Sources

- 3 Communications Antennae

- 2 Large Rovers

- 2 Small Rovers

- 10 Hubs

Thanks for checking out the set and thanks for any support!

P.S. If anyone has any good ideas for additional modules, show them in the comments and I might be able to include them in an update.

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