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Mexican Saloon "El Toro"

The work tries to capture the spirit of a Hollywood Mexican Saloon, fitting on the footprint of a modular house. Although relatively small and comprising only a single floor, the emphasis is on the details. 

I wanted to fit in a stage, folklore decoration, a piano, a bar with a big mirror and some people: the barman, a guest, a stage musician and a piano player. Also outside, cliché elements can be found, as decoration of the saloon with a bull's head (giving the saloon its name) and bones, cacti, a Mexican day labourer, and a trough for watering horses. I also wanted to rely on parts I already had available and played around until I reached a result  that satisfied me. 

The aim was to create an element that formally fits into the series of modular buildings, at the same time adding an original element. After imitating some historic LEGO styles first, I decided to create this model which plays with the modular style and yet adds its own elements without being connected to an existing LEGO theme. I think it is a LEGO model that  emphasizes that you can always obtain something new from your LEGO funds if you let your fantasy play.  

When the project takes the first step of the review process, I will refine the model and think about adding further details, without changing its simplistic spirit.

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