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Get ready to hide behind the sofa from these creator style Daleks! At just over 300 pieces for each Dalek the set could contain 2-3 Daleks in different styles. I have shown my favourite 3 of the many possibilities in the photos.

The model has a turning head and both arms are ball and socket joints which move just like the real thing, this way the model has playability as well as being a nice display piece or collectors set. It also has sliders on the bottom of the model which give the appearance of wheels hidden underneath and allow the model to glide along on carpets for more playability.

Now That Doctor Who has become part of the Lego universe I thought that the many adult fans of both Lego and Doctor Who would appreciate a larger creator style model and the Daleks seemed the obvious choice!

If there is a colour or style variation of the Daleks you would you like to see, leave a comment and I will put it in the updates for you!

Thanks for looking and would love to hear your suggestions for improvements!



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