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BrickHeadz: Freddie Mercury



We made it to 1000!!!!

That's no small feat for a BrickHeadz model! Freddie's in the top 5 most-supported BrickHeadz submitted to Ideas.  He's in good company, up there with the likes of Totoro, They Might Be Giants, Sonic the Hedgehog and my own Mount Rushmore project.  Not too shabby, eh? 

Thanks for the support! :)


Staff Pick!!!

Thanks to the folks at LEGO Ideas for naming this project today's Staff Pick!



Please no robo-support!

Okay, so, there's been a pretty steady stream of support today for my Freddie Brickheadz... almost too steady.

If this is real folks supporting the project, that's really awesome of you.  Thanks!

If it's somebody using a bot to create fake accounts to scam the voting, please stop.  I'd like to see this set become a real LEGO set, too, but I want that to happen clean and fair.




Featured on Brickset!

Special thanks to FlagsNZ for featuring this project and my BrickHeadz Mount Rushmore in his latest Ideas Showcase over on Brickset.  There's a lot of neat projects featured in that round-up, including his own Queen Victoria Cruise ship.  Check out the article then support and share some really cool projects!


Bohemian Rhapsody...

Hi all!  Bohemian Rhapsody opens tomorrow, so I'm going to try to hit up all the Freddie Mercury blogs and pages I know of tonight and try to get them to share the link to here, to try to take advantage of the movie's open and the attention surrounding that.

Sadly, I'm not going to get to see it this weekend -- crowded movie theaters are not my thing -- but when the crowds die down in a couple of weeks, maybe then.



A quick version with stripes

Hi, everyone!

I was playing around last night and made a version really quick with red stripes on Freddie's pants.  They're not perfect, but they look pretty good.

Freddie now with striped pants.


Photos added to Flickr

Hi all!

I added a bunch of photos to Flickr for various BrickHeadz I've designed or built:

Here's a small sampling.  Enjoy!



100 Supporters!  Thank you!  #WeWillBrickYou

We hit 100 about 5:30 this afternoon!  How exciting!

We have a a year (well, 419 days -- it helps to reach that first 100 early!) to hit 1,000 supporters.  I wonder how quickly we can make that happen?

Please spread the word wherever you can.

BTW: Credit where credit is due:  Thanks to Philosorunner for "We Will Brick You".  I've totally stolen that for a hashtag.


Quick update

Hi all! It's only been a few days, and we're up to 75 out of the 100 supporters we need to keep going.  That's encouraging!  Thank you for the support!  Please spread the word.

I thought I'd include the "tech specs" on Freddie, while I was at it:  The Freddie Mercury Brickheadz is currently 125 pieces, primarily colored Tan, Yellow, Black, Light and Dark Bluish Grey.  There are a few Red, Green and Bright Pink pieces, for the "traditional" Brickheadz internals.

In the next day or two, I'll share some photos of other BrickHeadz I've designed, that I might or might not submit as Ideas on their own.  Keep an eye out!




Aaaaaand we're off and running!

Hi folks!  Thanks for stopping by!  I got the email that the Freddie Mercury BrickHeadz set Idea was accepted late last night, and I was surprised to see several supporters already this morning when I logged in to kick things off.  I think that's a good sign!

I would love to see this set become a reality.  I think it has the potential to really expand the direction of BrickHeadz into a full-blown line of collectibles across much of pop culture.

I've got a couple more in the works -- I just finished off a Prince Brickheadz, for instance.  I'll post some pictures in a couple of days, and maybe I'll submit that one as well.

If you like this Idea submission, please lend your support here on the site and if you wouldn't mine, please share the link on social media or your favorite blogs.   I appreciate any help you can give.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for me, please leave a comment on the page.  Thanks, and take care!


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