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Lost Jungle Temple


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Deep in the jungle lies a lost temple left abandoned for centuries. As the course of nature takes over and the ruins become covered in foliage and rock, the beauty of the temple becomes heightened even more. 

This set was designed as a spiritual continuation of the old Adventures and Orient Expedition themes - reintroducing modern designs into some classic ideas. Featuring a main temple, smaller outpost, bridge, waterfall and river, and secret creatures all throughout! Snakes, parrots, spiders, and even a giant elephant! For our heroes we can find a hot air balloon and a useful elephant ally to help with our travels. 

At the heart of THE LOST TEMPLE is a tree that has grown in the middle of the temple, splitting it in two and creating a beautifully dynamic structure in the process. With a total of 2266 parts, this set would be perfect for any AFOLS, TFOLS, or young children hoping to immerse themselves in a world long forgotten... 

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