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Hotel and Ice Cream Parlor


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Who doesn't like Ice Cream right by your hotel room? This 1,550-piece LEGO set is a fun and creative set for a normal hotel and Ice Cream Parlor. This is what it has:

First Floor
  • Sidewalk where there are two benches to interact and eat Ice Cream
  • A lamppost that my brother likes a lot
  • A mailbox for the Ice Cream Parlor
  • Two stand up spots for minifigures to be in action.
  • Red and Black tiling
  • Staircase going up to second room
  • Green desk for customer service and concerns
Ice Cream Parlor:
  • Multiple Ice Cream flavors with cones to choose from
  • Ice Cream buckets display like you would see at an Ice Cream Parlor.
  • Little table by window to eat ice cream on
  • Drive through with bike in the back (basketball is for second floor).

Second Floor
  • Two beds (Yellow and Pink)
  • Nightstand
  • A table with seats across from each other
  • A little porch where you can look out to see what is happening outside.
Ice Cream Parlor:
  • Basketball Court to play on (basketball is by bike on first floor).

Third Floor
Hotel and Ice Cream Parlor:
  • Used both third floors to make one giant suite/party room
  • Two beds (red and blue)
  • Nightstand
  • TV so you can watch from bed
  • Dresser on left had side of TV
  • Pool table in the other room with 2 pool cues
  • Mini table in back to put drink on
  • A little desk by window
  • Big deck with 2 doors to access it
  • Two tables on deck by windows.

That is everything that is included in this set. Hopefully you'll enjoy it! I enjoyed making this set because it tests my creativity for modular buildings. Now I need you support to make it all the way!

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