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New Classic Space Ship

This is a spaceship that is made to look like a classic spaceship but with an original design, I built this because I really like classic spaceships but never had the chance to own one, and I don't think a lot of other people have either. So I wanted to make a classic spaceship, but I wanted it to be different from the one's that LEGO has made, so I put in some details you would find in other classic spaceships like the yellow lights and the red and green lights, I also put in a classic cockpit and a sonar dish. I used a completely different shape for the ship itself, it was very hard to come up with such a different shape since LEGO has not made any classic spaceships in this shape. I think LEGO should make this because people who have had a classic spaceship can build a nostalgic set but with a modern design. This set is also good for people who have not gotten the chance to build a classic spaceship and I think everyone should be able to experience a classic LEGO build. 

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