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lego Batman Arkham Origins batwing smash up


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I got the idea base on the batman arkham origins game. This project comes with two great minifigures, the batwing and the crane container.

The batwing has three features. One is, it has flick fire missiles. The second feature is that you can move the wings from the batwing. The most important feature of the set, is that you can drop Batman into the fight with a push of a button. The reason why its so important, is its from the new game. In the game Batman gets drop off into the crime or fight with the help of the batwing.

This picture shows one of the feature of the batwing. With a push of the button you can drop batman like in the game. This feature is awesome!

This project also comes with Slade's or Deathstroke's crane container. The container is from the scene in the game where slade fights batman. This container has a cool feature. When a minifigure is on a certain spot on the container it shoots up the minifigure when spun. Also you can put Deathstroke's weapons in the crane container.

Also the minifigures. The batman minifigure and its absolutely awesome. When I was done with this minifigure, I was blown away how it turn out. This minifigure has two expression one serious and the second angry. The batman minifigure's head has a 5 o'clock shave because in the arkham games batman has a 5 o'clock shave. This minifigure comes with a batrang. Also printing on the legs. Also the Slade or Deathstroke minifigure. This minifigure comes with two swords and his stick and a gun, which is on the crane container. Also this minifigure has a helmet with one eye hole and a head with two expression. One normal and the other angry.

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