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Medieval Merchant Vessel

The Medieval Merchant Vessel is heading your way through a great building experience with a detailed end result that will make for a beautiful display piece in your bookshelf, on your desk or anywhere really - you don't need a dedicated room to show off this one!

My first LEGO set was the King's Mountain Fortress and I have been a Castle fan ever since. With the Medieval Merchant Vessel I want to celebrate an era loved by many in a way that re-imagines what a small set can deliver in terms of details and building experience. I wanted to build something that could be integrated with a large castle MOC as well as displayed as a stand-alone piece in its own right.

The Merchants do not belong to any faction nor do they declare fealty to any King. We do not know where they came from nor where they are heading. We do not know who they are nervously looking for along the horizon. The story is yours to tell!

I believe AFOLs, both traditional castle fans and others, are longing for great 18+ building experiences that do not break their bank and do not require too much time to build. Still, they want a detailed end result with high quality that they are proud to display. The Medieval Merchant Vessel is sailing right into that gap, bringing all their treasures with them.

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