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Shining Gundam

Domon Kashu's Shining Gundam at last burns it's "Shining Fingers" into LEGO Ideas. Mobile G-Fighter is one of a few original Gundam Anime which has literally burned itself into my soul. Gundam anime helped me through some tough times, (then again, who could stay sad watching all those cheesy power moves, huh?). They gave me a feeling of hope which I had lost and feel must be shared in any way I can.

The drawings for the show were pretty simple, so I designed my LEGO version similarly, complete with all the gimmicks. I have also designed this set to resemble what Shining Gundam would look like in LEGO, rather than what it would look like as a model, after all, if you wanted a model you would buy a model.

The set includes: Domon Kashu minifigure, Mini Domon, Gundam Flyer, and Shining Gundam.
Features include: Opening cab on both Flyer and Gundam, Detachable Flyer, Light-up "Shining-Finger" (Via light brick), opening hatches on legs reveal manoeuvring thrusters, and best of all; slide-open shoulder pads and head-features for "Ultimate Shining Gundam".

Fixer-ups: yellow bricks should be shiny gold, (gold looks white in L.D.D.), Structure needs stability in torso region, (cannot test stability in L.D.D.), Flyer's cab should fold and insert into Gundam, (structure would de-stabilize completely if added), and nobody fits into Flyer, (just not enough room, especially with that crazy hair).

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