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Classic Hot Rod


Hello Fellow Lego Fans !

My latest entry into the Lego Ideas world Is a Classic Style Hot Rod ! 

I've always been a big fan of older cars, and the classic hot rods have been one of my top 5. This build is based off the classic black on red color scheme ! 

This set is a larger scale build as i really like how much detail you can get with larger sets. My Only issue with it is the distance from the radiator/grill to the front of the engine. i had to leave it further then i would like but wanted to include functioning steering.

Features: Functioning steering with steering wheel, and suspension, as well as a detailed v8 engine that is connected to the rear wheels, so it will function as the car moves. 

Also A retro style Octan Gas Pump Pump To Complete The Set

This set including the gas pump is 2200 Pieces. And was built on LDD and rendered in StudIO

Always been a big fan of the Lego creator style vehicles with the use of a lot of bricks. Hope you enjoy this set, it has been my favorite ! 

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